Notice to Mariners

Marine Notices are information notices issued to publicise important safety, regulatory and other relevant information regarding maritime affairs (e.g. shipping of any potential hazards, dredging operations etc.).

Nigerian Port Authority's Harbour Master is responsible for issuing Marine Notices to relevant parties, for all ports under the jurisdiction of NPA. For a complete list of Marine Notices (current and cancelled), refer to the table below


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Notice Number SubjectDate Published 
001 of 2016 Safety to Navigation
Depth and Width of Our Channel and the Maximun Permissible Draft for Vessels
006 of 2014 The Present Depths Along The Channel in Lagos Piloatge District 22-05-14 
001 of 2014 Movement of GGCP Jacket at Niger Dock 02-01-14 
015 of 2013 The Present Depths At Berths In Lagos Pilotage District 24-09-2013
014 of 2013 Lagos Pilotage District - 014 of 2013 6-09- 2013
011 of 2013 Bonny Channel Maintenance Dredging - Shifting of Buoys 16 and 18 To Temporary Position 23-07-2013